SugarCRM Virtual Appliance + PostgreSQL

Some time ago I worked heavily on SugarCRM Community Edition 5.5 in order to add support to the database PostgreSQL .The implementation process was quite complex because of the many “if $ dbType …” scattered left and right for the source code. With the introduction of version 6.4 of SugarCRM, I was able to appreciate the work done on the level of access to data in the data base (and here I wrote a short post / sugar-community-edition-6-4-beta-db-refactor-layer ), which is why I decided to port the DB driver on the 6.4 version of the SugarCRM. To my surprise, after a little time, I achieved good results!

To carry on the “new challenge”, I ran the fork of the project SugarCRM Community Edition from the GitHub repository to my repository for the occasion I called sugarcrm_dev_PostgreSQL . I preferred to exploit the GitHub Wiki, in which I created a page specifically for PostgreSQL and where I entered the information essential for a fast startup by those wishing to contribute to the phases of testing, fixes, etc …

Thanks to its Suse Studio, I made ​​the flight, a Virtual Appliance specifically for the couple SugarCRM / PostgreSQL. I hope you had a good idea and that many will appreciate!

Test DriveIs possible to run an immediate test drive or download the Virtual Appliance (VMware Image format) to install it locally, I remember, in fact, that the test driver has a duration of only 60 minutes. All the details on the Virtual Appliance is available at the following address , while on the Wiki page PostgreSQL illustrates the steps of the Quick Launch with the Virtual Appliance.

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