Building a Java client for SugarCRM

I was able to accumulate a number of requests from people who have encountered difficulties in developing Client (Java, C #, PHP, and Objective C) for SOAP and REST interface made available from SugarCRM.

Often the difficulty in developing the client may depend on several factors, from a short list from my experience in the field:

  1. Choosing the most suitable framework;
  2. Limits of some framework to manage certain interfaces, perhaps because they do not support certain standard WS-*;
  3. Little documentation of the interfaces are often devoid of examples;

I just completed and published my first article of the series, which should lead to the construction of a Java client for SugarCRM. The document is available on SlideShare:

I thought it appropriate to create a public repository containing the product during the writing of this article. The repository is available at: https:/ / /amusarra/SugarCRMJavaSOAPClient

Relate article:

  1. Checkout SugarCRM Java SOAP Client
  2. SugarCRM: XML Schema Definition (XSD) of Web Services

SugarCRM: Client SOAP Java

For all your question regarding the subject matter, your comments are welcome.

Antonio Musarra.


2 pensieri su “Building a Java client for SugarCRM

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  2. If you are using any of the latest version of SugarCRM server (after 6.1), you will need to re-build your stub classes again with the WSDL.


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