New Release of J-SugarCRM Authentication (EN)

Will shortly be issued to the directory of Joomla, the J-SugarCRM Authentication Plugin 1.6. If interested to the plugin before publication, write to J-SugarCRM Authentication – Request to receive the link where you can download the new version. The features introduced with the new version are:

  • Added support for the Professional and Enterprise Editions of SugarCRM;
  • Added support for Self-Customer Portal. Using the Portal API to allow access to the private area of Joomla to SugarCRM Contacts registered;
  • Log file separate from the default log file of Joomla;
  • SugarCRM UserToken stored in the Session of Joomla (JSession);
  • Add the Debug mode on log files.

See My Joomla Extensions Page

J-SugarCRM Authentication Plugin Params

J-SugarCRM Authentication Plugin Params

Loggin in Debug Mode

Loggin in Debug Mode


18 pensieri su “New Release of J-SugarCRM Authentication (EN)

    • Hi Mike,
      You must configure the Plugin selecting the Community Edition of the SugarCRM and setting the option “Check Portal” to the NO value. The user & password of the Portal User API, must be set with the Administrator User of the SugarCRM.
      After completing the configuration of the plugin, you might try logging in using a user defined on SugarCRM.


  1. Antonio,

    Great plugin!
    But for the Community Edition of SugarCRM, is a portal user a Contact, or a User in SugarCRM?
    SugarCRM Users can login in Joomla , but I can’t manage SugarCRM contacts to login… How to provide them a username/password in SugraCRM?
    (Joomla 1.5.22 / SugarCRM 6.1.3)


    • Thanks for the appreciation of my work.

      The portal features are only available with the Professional and Enterprise versions of SugarCRM,
      so if you have the community version of SugarCRM, users can only access Joomla and not the contacts in SugarCRM.

      In fact, the Professional and Enterprise versions of SugarCRM, allows you to assign contacts to their own username and password.
      To achieve the same result on the community version, you need to make simple changes to the Contacts module and some operations on the database.

      I hope I was clear enough.


      • Yes, this is very clear, thanks.

        I will try to get it working on SugarCE. What would be the best approach?
        1) Add two custom fields to a Contact: username and password. Next let the sugarcrmoversoap find the username/password from a Contact instead of a User.
        2) Use the Lampada Portal for SugarCRM (, which add portal functionality to SugarCE Contacts. Let sugarcrmoversoap find a username/password in the Lampada DB.

        The idea is to just verify a username and password in Sugar DB and get the Name/Surname/Emailaddress back, right?


      • The simplest procedure would be as follows:
        1) Add to Contacts table fields: PORTAL_NAME, PORTAL_ACTIVE, PORTAL_PASSWORD, PORTAL_APP
        2) Enabling the Portal API (update table Config). Update the key portal to the value 1
        3) Make a Quick & Repair from the panel of Administration
        4) Create a new User (via GUI) and indicate as Portal User API. (SQL update attribute table PORTAL_ONLY Users)

        Specifications for the fields to be added to the Contacts table:
        PORTAL_NAME VARCHAR2(255 CHAR) Yes (null) 38 (null)
        PORTAL_ACTIVE NUMBER(1,0) Yes '0' 39 (null)
        PORTAL_PASSWORD VARCHAR2(32 CHAR) Yes (null) 40 (null)
        PORTAL_APP VARCHAR2(255 CHAR) Yes (null) 41 (null)

        Example Contacts


  2. Step 1 to 3 are done (found a usefull step by step guide here: Everything looks fine in SugarCRM; I can add a username and password and set it to active, through the GUI.
    (This user can login to the SugarCRM portal, which should not be possible, for security reasons..)

    Step 4 is not totally clear to me:
    – created a new User called ‘Portal User API’ as a new admin.
    – put its Sugar portal credentials into the Joomla plugin parameters.
    – what do you mean with “(SQL update attribute table PORTAL_ONLY Users)”? Should I set the PORTAL_ONLY field in the USERS table to ‘1’?

    I can still login to Joomla portal with SugarCRM Users, but not with SugarCRM Contacts. Shouldn’t here be anything changed in your sugarcrmoversoap.php? ie, to call a different method, or to look into a different db table in Sugar?

    Hope you can help!

    • – Should I set the PORTAL_ONLY field in the USERS table to ’1′? YES
      The configuration of the plugin should be similar to that shown in the figure. Just remember to select the SugarCRM Community edition.
      If you have problems I suggest you look at the log files of Joomla.


      J-SugarCRM example configuration

  3. All done.
    Joomla log file returns: 10 – Invalid Login – Login attempt failed please check the username and password

    So there is a connection to Sugar SOAP. Maybe it looks on a wrong place for the username and password (probably in Users table, instead of the Contacts table..?)

    I will keep on trying.. 😉

    • The use of the SOAP API, making transparent the use of tables on the database. In this case the plugin uses the API:
      A) portal_login_contact
      B) portal_get_sugar_contact_id
      C) portal_get_entry

      These APIs are defined in the WSDL as the steps if you have enabled the functionality of the Portal.
      Try to see the SOAP messages to the log file of Joomla.

      Excuse me, but now I must go.

    • The plugin has been tested with version 5.5 (CE PRO ENT). Now I have tested with the CE version 6.1, I found that actually does not work.
      The plugin uses the API portal_login_contact, not present on the APIs for version 6.1 CE, replaced by the API portal_login.
      I made a change to the code of the plugin and now it works.

      If you want to send you the fix.


  4. Ah, I already thought it should be something like that 😉 Great that you have tested it too and fixed it.

    Please mail the fix. Thanks!

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  6. @Peter @Antonio

    I want to do the same… add the portal tables and allow portal access, to Sugar CE.

    I want to try the step-by-step guide that you talked about:

    But the page says:
    “This blog is open to invited readers only:
    It doesn’t look like you have been invited to read this blog. If you think this is a mistake, you might want to contact the blog author and request an invitation.”

    Who is the owner of that blog?

    How do I contact them to request an invitation ?


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